The Genealogy of the Jewish Scandal

By: Shaikh Ali Hasan Ghloom

Friday Sermon (Khutba)
22 Rajab, 1440

In an earlier Friday sermon entitled “Should the Jews rightfully claim historical rights in Palestine?”, I preached on the issue revolving around the extent to which the Jews may legitimately argue for such a claim. I suggested, then, that that this claim from purely historical perspective or a secular one, so to speak, with disregard to religious texts is deemed false evidence, simply because the Canaanites inhibited those lands centuries before the Israelites did. Likewise, had their claim stemmed from the religious claim that Allah has bestowed them the land of Palestine, I have drawn evidence from their own religious books that such a heavenly gift was not based on the idea of “offspring”, inheritance of the land over time; rather, it was an ‘epistolary gift’ which calls them to keep within Allah’s religion. Therefore, abandoning this path, renders them undeserving of this land, and henceforth, abiding with religious readings, this claim equally fails.
Recent proof that has recently emerged and may prove the Zionists’ disentitlement to the land of Palestine comes from the science of ‘genetics”, which the Zionist regime is cautiously dealing with in an attempt to diverge others’ attentions away from it, in fear that it stands as a resounding scandal that may bring down all Zionists colonization endeavors.
Genetics is a science of genes and has uncovered a universal genetic map (DNA). Just as each individual owns a unique fingerprint, each one of us also has a unique genetic print that stores the inheritance traits we have carried over centuries from our ancestors, and in this respect, DNA can prove or disprove biological paternity. Hence, and through DNA results’ accretion, people have been divided into 20 main individual groups called ‘Haplogroup’. These haplogroups are then divided into smaller groups which, in turn, identify one’s family tree.
Based on the science of genetics, another new science emerged, namely, the science of ‘sperm genetics’. This new science determines peoples’ relative genetic relationships and the types of haplogroups that they belong to, and may help unfold hereditary links between two persons who lived in different times separated by thousands of years estimation of this time difference, while at the same time proving or disproving a genetic link between two people living in the same time period whether or not they seem related at all.
American-Soviet professor Anably Klesove, the founder of the science of the ‘genetics of sperms’ announced that Israel is preventing the study of this science, because it collides with the organization’s call for Palestinian lands to return to the Jews of Israel. Moreover, Klesove stated that conducting research in the field of sperm genetics harms the Israeli highly publicized view that Jews are a pure race, because this science provides evidence, they are in fact a mixture of different ethnicities.
In one of his books, professor Klesove denoted that among 399 Jews who had undergone DNA tests, only 92 proved to descend from the prophet Abraham, peace be upon him, whereas the DNA results of 307, shared that the rest were descendants of other unrelated individual groups.
Interestingly, though, Klesove declared that through DNA testing, Netanyahu, the Israeli vice president, belongs to a European gene group (Rla), which does not relate, in any respect, to the haplogroup of the prophet Yaqoob, peace be upon him. Such scientific evidence refutes all Zionist claims regarding their right in establishing their entity and enlarging their settlements in the occupied West Bank. The establishment of the Zionist entity is based on the belief that all Jews all over the world, who were asked to resettle in Palestine, are originally Israelites, i.e., they all descend from Yaqoob, the grandson of Abraham, peace be upon them both.
The above discussion clearly shows that the science of genetics with its precise proofs and experiments has proved the disentitlement of the Zionists’ historical and religious claims of having a right to the land of Palestine of which they were expelled from thousands years ago. Incrementally, the USA administration impudently dared to announce recently that Al-Joolan is an Israeli land, with no respect to all international resolutions which stipulates that Al-Joolan is an occupied Syrian land. This tyrannous resolution, together with that of announcing that Jerusalem is the capital of Israel will never be for the benefit of the region. Rather, it only serves the Zionists’ interests that surpasses the Palestinian land. Arabs should not ignore the fact that the two lines printed on the Israeli flag symbolize the two rivers, the Nile and the Euphrates, and that is in between them, according to Zionist claims, is the promised land, the land that they spare no effort in claiming in order to see their fateful dream come true.